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Autodesk Showcase Professional 2010 R1 ISO

Autodesk® Showcase® saves time and money by creating accurate, realistic imagery from 3D digital design data. Autodesk Showcase software addresses many of the roadblocks that delay decision-making in the design process. Autodesk Showcase software addresses the important issue of decision-making on digital prototypes. It enables designers to create accurate, realistic imagery from 3D CAD data to not only convey form and function, but also create environmental context to communicate brand character. Showcase helps users present and review models in an environment in which team members can make reliable decisions locally and via remote sessions—resulting in an efficient and economical design review process.

Use high-quality digital 3D visualization to evaluate multiple design variations and communicate ideas. Showcase helps users reduce the time and cost of building physical prototypes in early design phases. Interact with digital models in real time. Use a variety of materials and geometry during presentations, and switch between variations with a single mouse-click. Facilitate the approval of designs by using Showcase to bypass client or management reluctance to approve designs based on low-quality imagery. Showcase generates photorealistic imagery with superior visual fidelity that accurately represents real-world materials, lighting, and environments.

Showcase makes realistic, interactive visualization accessible to designers and provides advanced functionality for visualization experts by combining the latest technology with an easy-to-access architecture. With its well-documented API (application programming interface) and scripting language, Showcase can be accessed on a programming level to meet specific customer needs. It provides tools to prepare, process, and present 3D design data in a single application, simplifying the preparation of data for high-quality visualization and further use. Because Showcase allows design model changes while preparing imagery for design reviews, it significantly reduces preparation time so design and visualization work can be done in parallel.


» Visualize Data from Autodesk AliasStudio or CAD Applications
» Maintain Organization and Visual Information from Source
» Automated Material Substitution
» Design Model Updates
» Optimization of Data for Visualization
» Data Organizer
» Ambient Shadows
» Normal Correction
» Presentation Authoring
» Realistic Materials
» Layered Materials
» Environments Creation and Editing
» Environment Libraries
» Design Alternatives
» Storyboards
» Real-World Size
» Turntable Animation
» Additional Lights
» Presentation, Review, and Decision-Making
» High-Resolution Image Creation
» Standardized Presentations

Size : 980 MB


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